A Night in Bucharest: Embracing the Urban Queens May 19, 2023

photo by MoTography

Hello Art Enthusiasts!

As the latest chapter of our global artistic journey unfurls, I am absolutely thrilled to share my enchanting experience from the beautiful heart of my homeland—Bucharest. The #wearyourcrown campaign, which launched in Washington, D.C., made a pit stop in London, and now, it has brought us to this dynamic city filled with its own unique charm and historical grandeur. Here, I’ve continued my collection of Urban Queen paintings, each one a homage to the boundless strength of women and an anthem of female empowerment that echoes in the eyes of every viewer.

Our art exhibition in Bucharest was nothing short of magical. It was the perfect tableau for the newest stars of the #wearyourcrown campaign. Sharing the evening with my lovely guests, we sipped on exquisite Romanian wine from Jardine Hills, adorned glimmering crowns, and discussed the poems inspired by and paired with each painting. My heart is warmed by the camaraderie and the sense of community that art can provide for those of us in the world so moved and impacted by beauty from a canvas.

Among the walls of vibrant Urban Queens, one painting emerged as the undeniable showstopper: “Seed of Knowledge.” An urban tribute to Eve, the first woman, this latest piece is a celebration of the audacious spirit, of the fierce determination that Eve symbolizes. In her, we see an unapologetic woman, bold, commanding space, with an irrepressible desire to possess the knowledge of the forbidden apple that rests in her hand. She is a testament to the resilience of women, an ode to every individual who dares to own their strength and proudly wear their crown.

The poem that accompanies this painting further encapsulates this fierce essence of Eve:

She holds the fruit of knowledge
in the palm of her hand
Her eyes, like sapphires, gleaming bright
they pierce through and demand
She is the keeper of secrets,
the one who knows it all
Her gaze is fierce and unrelenting,
never once does she fall
For she is Eve, the first of women,
unabashed and unashamed
Her strength and wisdom unfurled,
never once to be tamed
So take a bite of the apple,
embrace the power within
For you too can be like Eve,
the true original sin.
Seed of Knowledge

This poem invites us to bite the apple, to embrace the power that lies within us, and to embody the spirit of Eve – the epitome of audacious and unrestricted womanhood. Through “Seed of Knowledge,” we celebrate every woman who dares to push the boundaries, to challenge the status quo, to question, to seek, and to stand resolute in her own power.

The Bucharest exhibition was an unforgettable event, a heartwarming amalgamation of art, poetry, and community. It was interactive, immersive, and every bit as engaging as I’d hoped it to be.

So, here’s to the next stop on our journey, to the next city that will witness our Urban Queens. Until then, hold onto your crowns, dear friends, and remember the lesson of Eve: to embody your power, to seek your own seed of knowledge, and to never shy away from taking up your rightful space.

Remember, you too are an Urban Queen. Keep wearing your crown, keep shining your light, and let the world see the beauty, the strength, and the resilience that resides in you.

Until the next brush stroke!

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