Inspire. Empower. Elevate.

A global Campaign By Women For Women. 


I am excited to be partnering with women of influence from around the world to challenge women to join the #wearyourcrown❤ movement.

The Urban Queen collection of paintings is celebration of women representing feminine qualities of inner strength, resilience and power.  The wearyourcrown❤ campaign is a call to action challenging women to join the movement to “wear your crown”.   The crown is the perfect accessory for the Urban Queen. It has long been a symbol of ultimate power, but it also signifies someone who serves her people with dedication, diplomacy and quiet determination.

The #wearyourcrown campaign has one aim: to empower women all over the world by women, for women.

The #wearyourcrown❤ global campaign is represented on each continent by women of influence who inspire women. The Urban Queen leaders come from different parts of the world with diverse backgrounds and are visionaries in their fields of business, politics, arts, entertainment, non-profits and more. I will paint these women as an Urban Queen and donate a large painting to raise funds and awareness for woman and girl issues.   All fundraising will be through an interactive online platform FUND DUEL under the #wearyourcrown❤ campaign.  Everyone will be invited to participate in #wearyourcrown❤ challenge by donating and sharing their own photos and stories to support the charities. Watch this space for more details on how you can participate in the challenge when we launch in November!


 Introducing the #wearyourcrown♥ Urban Queen Leaders










More amazing women  will be joining the #wearyourcrown campaign in the weeks and months to come!


One of my absolute favourite things about this movement has been connecting with celebrities, visionaries and also everyday women, hearing their stories and seeing how they are embracing and wearing their crowns. Individually, we are all strong women, but I believe that together, we can amplify each other’s voices and make an even bigger impact.

This campaign and these collaborations with women of influence will harness our collective strengths and positivity to promote causes, highlighting the amazing work that is being done all around the world – by women, for women.


“We have the power within ourselves to do more than we think and more than we ever imagined!” -Ramona Pintea