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Ramona Pintea - Artist

Welcome to a universe of connection with the meaningful and perennial. Because life, humanity and beauty deserve to be celebrated.

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2020 Vision Exhibition

Following a successful winter exhibition, I am proud to be one of the artists selected for the 2020 Vision Exhibition at Obsidian Art Gallery.

The exhibition opens on the 11th of January. 

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Take a Peek Behind the Scenes

Article in ‘the F word’

      This is not a blog I have written, it is an article that  has been published in The F Word magazine. Below is a link [...]

Symbolic Meaning Of Horses

There is a horse riding school near the forest behind my house and when I go for a run I see these beautiful animals so peaceful and serene. [...]

Upcoming Feminist Art Exhibitions

The process of creating art is long and twisted. Even if I haven’t been painting lately, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been creating. Reading, researching, thinking about ideas, [...]


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