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Ramona Pintea - Artist

Welcome to a universe of connection with the meaningful and perennial. Because life, humanity and beauty deserve to be celebrated.

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Featured in OZB Magazine

Delighted to be interviewed   OZB magazine, talking about life, art, business and my home land, Romania.

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Take a Peek Behind the Scenes

The gift that keeps on giving

It’s 01:30 a.m. Sunday June 13th and I’m in tears! It’s been an emotionally charged, yet deeply inspiring weekend. Reading and responding to heartfelt message after heartfelt message. [...]

Tonic for Mondays

It’s a fresh new week and after some much-needed active rest this Sunday, I am back and super excited. I find Sundays great for feeding the soul, seeking [...]

The Show Goes On

It’s been less than two weeks since my previous blog. Yet so much has happened that I felt drawn to putting pen to paper! Well, fingers to keyboard [...]


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