Ramona Pintea

Artful Journey For Your Heart and Soul

Ramona Pintea - Artist

Welcome to a universe of connection with the meaningful and perennial. Because life, humanity and beauty deserve to be celebrated.

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Take a Peek Behind the Scenes

Tapping into your Urban Queen Superpower

  Embracing your Urban Queen is all about tapping into the spiritual energy within which guides you forward; that inner voice that uplifts and empowers you. Your SUPERPOWER. [...]

Welcome to my new studio!

     All summer I have been longing for a bright and spacious new studio to create new magic in. I excitedly crafted a colourful, inspiring dream board, [...]

The big, the bold and the beautiful

  There’s something magical about standing in front of a huge painting. It comes to life, oozing energy, emotion and inspiration. And I love painting them! Imagine, after [...]


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