We’re More Alike Than Different April 7, 2023

Recently, I embarked on an enlightening journey to Jordan, a culture-rich country. As an artist, I find it important to seek out nature’s beauty and cultural diversity and to let it inspire my work. Creativity can be brought to life just by reveling in what the earth shows you. 

I came home from this trip rejuvenated and inspired, but more than that, with an insight into the interconnectedness of humanity. Lots of things separate people from all around the world into various divisions, but we forget how similar we are at our core! Despite our location on this earth, the language we speak, the culture we’re immersed in, or the traditions we’re accustomed to, at the core of our being, we are the same. 

During my trip to Jordan, Ramadan was in full swing. This is a holy month for Muslim countries and it struck me that many Christians are fasting now to prepare for Easter. 

Both Easter and Ramadan are celebrated around the world. Both holidays involve a period of fasting and reflection, with Easter’s Lent and Ramadan’s month-long fast. Both holidays even have a large feast to celebrate at the end!

It’s astounding how very different cultures can have commonalities in their practices, uniting us all through shared experiences. After all, we are more alike than we are different.

The heart of any celebration is the community. It’s the reason behind the gathering, the traditions, and the activities. Celebrations are more than just an excuse to have fun – they’re a way to honor and cherish the people, events, and beliefs that matter to us. Whether it’s a personal achievement, a family reunion, or a national holiday, celebrations bring people together and create a sense of community.

Aside from my insight into our shared humanity, the richness of the traditions, the colors, and local art, I was absolutely mesmerized by the earth’s beauty while in Jordan. I saw many awe-inspiring views but there are two that impressed me the most: Petra and Wadi Musa’s landscape.

Petra is a stunning monument and one of the seven wonders of the world. It also has such a rich and impressive history, starting in 300 BC.

Petra is a man-made site at the crossroads of Arabia, Egypt, and Syria-Phoenicia, meant to be a caravan center and market among many other important uses. It’s carved from the glorious rock mountains behind it that are riddled with elaborate passages and gorges.

Wadi Musa is the name of the town that has sprung up around the monument, Petra. It’s named after the “Valley of Moses” in Arabic because it’s believed to have been the site where Moses struck water from the rocks and created what is now a spring.

The breathtaking part is the landscape that the town is nestled into. While Petra is man-carved, the mountains and structures surrounding it are carved by nature itself. 

Through nature’s brutal erosion process throughout time, the mountains look as though they are crying. Some jagged edges dulled into slopes as Mother Earth shapes them with her hands. 

As an artist, I can’t help but be mesmerized by her work!

After returning home to Romania from this journey, I feel revived and ready to let Mother Nature’s inspiration guide my next paintings.

I’m reminded of our shared experiences, need for community, and humanity. I believe in the importance of a well-rounded world where we celebrate our differences, yet acknowledge what we share in common as well.

I find it important for artists to venture out and explore the world around them. Exploring different cultures, languages, and traditions can help us artists gain a deeper understanding of the world and the people in it. By immersing ourselves in new experiences, we can gain fresh perspectives and insights that can be channeled into our work.

Artists have the power to connect and unite people across the globe through creativity. By exploring the beautiful earth and being the vessel to communicate its messages through our work, we can create art that not only inspires but also makes a positive impact on the world.

I was recently interviewed on a podcast called Art Talk with Karin Merx and discussed my own journey as an artist and what inspires my work. In this episode, we talk about my background and how I got where I am today. I describe my experience growing up in communist Romania when there was little color to be seen. This created a yearning within me to create beauty with bold pops of color!

I absolutely love to share my story and why I do what I do. Sharing my art means also sharing my heart. Every painting holds pieces of who I am as an artist and my view of the world. Many things guide my hand with a paintbrush, and I delve into that in the interview. Listen to the podcast episode on Spotify, Apple, or YouTube!

And remember, we are more alike than we are different.

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