Welcome to my new studio! October 7, 2020


All summer I have been longing for a bright and spacious new studio to create new magic in. I excitedly crafted a colourful, inspiring dream board, showing images of buildings with large windows and my name and paintings photoshopped on to them. I vividly saw a new studio in my mind’s eye first and now it’s real. The best part is that It’s even better than I imagined!

The studio is bright and airy, with lots of natural light flooding in and stimulating a warm, positive and creative mood. The immaculate white walls are the ideal backdrop for my colourful paintings, making for a vibrant, bohemian feel. The large, open plan layout gives me heaps of space to paint, play with different perspectives, zoom in and out. My professional, grown up playground if you like 😊.

I just love how everything has come together, I am beyond excited about writing and painting the next chapters of the Ramona Pintea Art story in this magical space.

As you probably figured by now, I am not one for idling around and getting the studio together didn’t mean I slowed down on painting. Quite the contrary: I have been working extra hard to lovingly craft private commissions for collectors around the world, art lovers who have really embraced the Urban Queen. Several paintings are on large canvases and I absolutely love painting large scale. Thankfully, with the new studio, I now have the space to paint even larger paintings and I’m really looking forward to this. This space is great for creating magic on large scale and I can’t wait to see the magnificent pieces that will be brought to life.


So now it’s the time to let me know what you desire. If you LOVE big bold paintings just let me know.

If you know me at all, you’d know I’m not much of a loner and love good company: human, canine and sometimes cosmic (see my previous art collections). So, the studio is not just functional but also warm and welcoming. It will be open to visitors, by appointment only, so you can come along, see me at my craft, have a friendly chat and check out my latest art.

If you live nearby and would like to visit just let me know.

In other exciting news, I’m planning a fun, ‘official’ studio opening soon, full of juicy surprises and cool gifts. I love to connect with my community of art enthusiasts and am so glad to have a space to do this now.

Last but by no means least, I’ve also been expanding my team. Probably unknown to my lovely collectors, it takes many people graciously working behind the scenes to deliver these artworks. I’d like to welcome the wonderful Corina to the team, she’s been a blessing during these extra busy times. If you follow me on social media, you’ll notice that Corina will be answering messages, sending out your paintings, helping you with enquiries, all with a warm smile. This will leave me more time to focus on what I love doing best – making art!

If there’s anything from the studio you like or if you’re interested in ordering a private commission, please contact her directly, corina@ramonapintea.com.

It’s taken a lot of patience and hard work to turn my dreams of a creative studio into reality. I have been buoyed by the support of my team and our art community, and for that, I am forever grateful. Now that we have this fantastic space, I look forward to making many more big, beautiful paintings and sharing them with you all.

Artfully yours,


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