#Wearyourcrown❤ global campaign August 30, 2021

It has been a while since my last blog and my studio has been busier than ever. I’m super excited to share with you the vision and progress for the #wearyourcrown❤ global campaign, a movement to empower women and raise money for women and girls all around the world!

At the heart of the Urban Queen is a celebration of our unique strengths as women and leaders in our community. One of my absolute favourite things about this movement has been connecting with women like you; hearing your stories and seeing how you are embracing and wearing your crown. I love how we all draw on a wide range of talents to meet the challenges of the day – we can be smart, funny, compassionate, hardworking, brave and kind. And not only do we look after ourselves and our families, but I know many women are also striving to support other girls and women in their communities through work like providing safe housing, business mentoring, advocacy and education.

This got me wondering about the collective power of our community. How can we harness all our love and generosity to help support other women find their own crown and follow their dreams? The answer, my darlings, is the #wearyourcrown❤ global fundraising campaign.

The #wearyourcrown❤ campaign is led by a group of visionaries, celebrities, women of influence and everyday women. Individually, we are all strong women, but I believe that together, we can amplify each other’s voices and make an even bigger impact. So, I will be working with this amazing group of women to harness our collective strengths and positivity to promote causes near and dear to our hearts. Here’s how it works:

I am creating an Urban Queen painting for each campaign leader. The painting will be donated through raffles or auctions to raise money for their selected women’s charity. Along the way, we will be sharing the inspiring stories of each campaign leader and their chosen charity, highlighting the amazing work that is being done all around the world – by women, for women. All fundraising will be through an online platform under the #wearyourcrown❤ campaign, and I invite you to be part of the fun by sharing your own photos and stories and supporting your favourite charity!

We are starting this journey with campaign leaders from each continent, to showcase the global power and reach that women can have. Uniting our different charities in one place will strengthen all of our bonds. I hope to showcase local efforts to a global audience and enable these charities to build new connections and raise much-needed funds. I’m still looking for more campaign leaders to join, so please keep sending in your submissions and contact me if you’d like to be a part of this!

For now, I’d like to introduce our first three women visionaries and their wonderful charities.

From South Africa, here’s the multi-talented Jayshree Mallaya, cofounder of Over the Walls Together. This is a charity aimed at community building and raising awareness of violence against women and children. Jayshree has written an incredible song “Join Hands Around the World” as a call to action to end this violence. Will you join her in this mission?



From Australia, we have Casey Donavon, an award-winning musician, performer and author. With her big personality and soulful voice, she is dedicated to using her profile to promote and uplift a charitable organization that helps indigenous girls to have access to better education.



From South America, this is the gorgeous Natalia Martin. Entrepreneur and founder of Natalia Beauty Group, this leader educates and inspires women to embrace their true beauty, inside and out. As well as building a powerhouse global beauty business, she gives back to women in need, for example, by providing free procedures for women recovering from breast cancer or a training programme for former inmates. Natalia’s chosen charity for this campaign helps victims of domestic abuse.

The #Wearyourcrown movement is truly going global, because as women, collectively we are part of one global community. The language of women empowerment is universal, no matter where you live or what your challenge or mission is. Individually we are powerful but imagine what would happen if we all stood in unity, contributing our individual strengths and talents to build an even bigger movement, to empower even more women!

Stay tuned on social media for more updates. Until then, keep safe, stay strong and tell me, how do you wear your crown?

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