Upcoming Feminist Art Exhibitions September 8, 2019

The process of creating art is long and twisted. Even if I haven’t been painting lately, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been creating. Reading, researching, thinking about ideas, are all part of the creative process. The ‘women in my paintings’ are now demanding more from me, asking that I push myself, dig deep, expand. And so, I am becoming more interestead in feminist art, female artists, the giants that stood before me, the talented female artists that are leaving their mark as we speak.

With my own exhibitions upcoming, I thought it could also be helpful for you guys to learn more about the feminist art exhibitions that are currently taking place around the country that will be of interest to you.

Enough of me chatting, see if you can find an exhibition near you!


100% Woman – Richard Saulton Gallery

Since March 2019, all the way to March next year, the Richard Saulton gallery has been showcasing the work of female artists only in a programme titled ‘100% Women’.

The first month-long, solo exhibition belonged to Rose English, a key artist in the development of performance art in the UK. The exhibition has gone from strength to strength, exhibiting the works of Lili Dujourie, Gina Pane, Penny Slinger and more.

Click here to learn more about this inspirational scheme.


Sixty Years – Tate Britain

In an effort to make art more inclusive and knock down the barrier that is gender inequality within the art industry, Tate Britain is hosting ‘Sixty Years’.

‘Sixty Years’ is a dedicated display celebrating female artists and their work between 1960 to the present day. This is currently going on right now and runs all the way up to April 2020.

With a collection of film, photography, sculpture, painting and multimedia pieces, there is something for all art lovers and best of all, it is FREE to enter! 

Support the women’s movement in art and visit this incredible exhibition. Click here to learn more details about it!

The Society of Women Artists Exhibition – Mall Galleries

The Society of Women Artists annual exhibition is back for 2019 and is actually very very soon! All of the entries have been accepted and on the 25th September, the work of some pristine artists will be displayed at the Mall Galleries in London.

There will also be a special guest opening the exhibition, His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent.

For more information, click here to discover how you can attend this incredible exhibition!


The Feminist Library – Westminster Bridge Road

The Feminist Library is open all year round and is filled with some really interesting feminist litereature pieces. They are currently undergoing a transfer to a large building and this will continue until Spring 2020.

However, if you are in the area, I highly recommend visiting this crucial piece of feminist work. I know I have sourced great inspiration from this library and I am confident that you can too.

To learn more about the Feminist Library, click here


Feminist Art Events

There are many upcoming feminist art events that I encourage you to seek inspiration from. I know that I have done so previously! We are all fighting in the same corner and supporting artists like myself are the best way to spread our message through the aesthetics of art!

I also want to talk about the featured image of this blog – ‘The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist’. It is a very special piece of feminist art.

It was created by the ‘Guerilla Girls’ who are a feminist art group striving for equality within the art industry. This is just one of their many pieces they have available, please do have a look at their work.