Thoughts on Valentine’s Day February 11, 2018

Out of all the days we celebrate, Valentine’s is my favorite by far.  We have a special day to commemorate love and in my books this it’s the best day of the year….. well on par with Mother’s Day 🙂

I believe that love is the only thing that makes us truly happy. As John Lenon put it ‘ Love is all we need’

Valentine’s Day is not just for young kids, madly in love for the first time. Sometimes we are privileged to see old couples walking hand in hand, smiling sweetly at each other. They must have been together for decades!  I must admit it’s a rare sight, but it’s sweet and wonderfully romantic. It give us a vision for our future, because on our wedding day most of us imagine that’s what it will be like to grow old together.

Unfortunately many people find it hard to say the three most precious words. Bad experiences of previous relationships, emotional blocks from the past or pure fright of not being loved back, frieze the mind and shut the heart. If your jaw is clenched 364 days a year, there is one day when you should pluck up the courage, open up your heart and say how you truly feel. No matter what happens, it’s worth it! Just saying it out loud makes it even more real and beautiful.

If you are one of the lucky ones, who have found your soulmate in life, know how blessed you are. Treasure your luck and don’t take it lightly. Tell your partner you love them everyday and make it extra special on the 14th of February.  Valentine’s Day is about taking time to be fully present, to express your love and appreciation for one another. So go out and shout it from the rooftops, make a fool of yourself……..or not…….whatever your style, just express how you feel and celebrate love because it’s what makes life worth living!

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