The Show Goes On June 8, 2020

It’s been less than two weeks since my previous blog. Yet so much has happened that I felt drawn to putting pen to paper! Well, fingers to keyboard to be accurate J.


This wonderful community continued to connect and buzz over the #UrbanQueen. Lovely People reaching out, candidly sharing how the art is touching their lives during these deeply testing times. Women eager to (re)discover, explore and unleash their inner queen. To embrace these qualities, to authentically live these strengths. And to lovingly pass them on to those they love, to family and friends.


What women (and men) want

A few things/threads are becoming abundantly clear during and despite these solitary times:

we all crave heartfelt, quality connection with people who just get us

we want to be resourceful and continue to live meaningful lives

we want to help those dearest and nearest to our hearts.


I am deeply moved to see how art and the#UrbanQueens are a catalyst for resilience, renewed hope and caring in our community. You’ve given me such an energy and inspiration to go deeper and bolder with this theme! The Urban Queen carries on and the launch of the second series is just around the corner. The new collection will be extra special and I’m so excited about this!


First, all paintings sold will contribute to a charity project I’ve been supporting for over a decade. 10% of all proceeds will go to a noble cause: helping mothers who grew up in orphanages or in dysfunctional families, now struggling with poverty, low self-esteem, suicidal attempts and no support network. Good women who are now mothers and want to keep strong for their children. To give them a better chance. We are helping them with counselling, training and financial assistance so they can be safe and keep their children from going into social services. If you would like to support this cause, here is the link where you can make a donation:



Secondly, this will be a direct and interactive experience between the art, the artist and you the wonderful community. I loved connecting with hundreds of art lovers and listening to your feedback during the creation of the first #UrbanQueen collection. It profoundly affected the making of the new collection. Thanks Rina V for nudging me into adding ethnical diversity to this series, presciently before the tragic developments in the USA. How timely your thoughtful and heartfelt comments!


Thirdly, the official launch will be on my birthday, June 22nd! My family and friends know that I fully believe in celebrating life: beautiful people, memorable events, awe inspiring mother nature, uplifting, meaningful art, learning, giving back and so much more! Small or big celebrations, they all make life more enjoyable and the more of them, the better. And there is no place I’d rather celebrate this special day than within my art community and family!


Finally, the previous launch sold out in the blink of an eye: all paintings were gone in six hours! This buzz and momentum rolled over into the making of #UrbanQueen 2.0. Many people missed out on getting their Urban Queen as we sold out fast and they’ve been eagerly waiting for this new release. A few people couldn’t bear the waiting and commissioned their personalised, commissioned Urban Queen! If you want to get your own, original Urban Queen, keep an eye on the social media announcements and stay tuned for the release, at noon on June 22nd. Or even better, get in touch during the pre-launch and secure your favourite painting before we launch, as many did during the first series. 


Keep smiling and carry on!