The Hundred Shades of Spring May 6, 2020

Being a woman is not only about being humble and soft, but it is also about being fierce and hard. We women soothe the soul of the people around us with our kindness. On the other hand, when it comes to justice and equality, we stand for ourselves and those we love. In short, we are the different shades of the spring which comes after the harsh and cold autumn. We soothe the soul and warm the heart.

As a wife, mother, an artist, an entrepreneur, a vice president of a charity organization; I know I have to be a woman first. Like you, I have different roles in my life which demand the different aspects of my personality. And like white color, I adopt and adapt every shade beautifully. That’s why this time I come with the woman of the essence, this new series of painting called Urban Queen, after representing the animal Spirit series.

Tender as the Flower

This painting has a dominant color of pink with the different shades of feminine. The soft hues define the tenderness and feminine essence of a woman. It defines the woman to be herself and don’t forget the true essence of her soul. The universe makes us a woman, so there’s no need to escape from reality. When we embrace it, we become ourselves; we become real.

Thus, she is the woman who has the heart of a mother and calms every soul she touches.


Deep as the sea

Although, the color blue is associated with masculinity, it reflects the trust, wisdom, stability, and depth of a human being; which cannot be associated with the men only.

This painting defines another aspect of the women; her loyalty to her loved ones and her reliability. This is a painting of a woman who can wear distressed denim and have fun with the street dancer. Moreover, she is also the woman who runs the enterprise and rule with the iron fist. She is the one who you turn to when in the need of an advice.

Fiery as the war

Red is a color of emotion and it is also a color of blood. This color defines the emotional power of the woman. It also reflects the determination of a woman and her fiery soul.

The woman in this painting is born to rule the world. She demands respect from others but before it, she respects herself to be the person, she is. She is the woman who wields her emotion like a weapon in the war and she is also a woman who is a fiery lioness in front of her cubs.


Who are you?

The intensity of each chosen color reflects a different emotion. It is like the music in the air.

Can you hear the song of each painting?

Now the question is who you are? You can be either fiery, tender, or bold or you can be all.

Must tell me which painting attracts you and why? Do they present the part of your soul?

If yes, then it is time to make it a part of your home. Let your home reflect what you are and what you present. Don’t shy away from yourself and your inner soul. You can represent it with the colors instead of words.