The gift that keeps on giving June 25, 2020

It’s 01:30 a.m. Sunday June 13th and I’m in tears!

It’s been an emotionally charged, yet deeply inspiring weekend. Reading and responding to heartfelt message after heartfelt message. Listening to touching, candid personal stories from Urban Queens from around the world. Feeling like I was part of all these moving journeys.

People from all walks of life poured their hearts out and courageously shared their vulnerability. Tears and joy combined as tragedy and victory stories kept coming in.

The gift that keeps on giving

What did I just experience and why? A few days earlier I had shared my own journey (which is not short of struggle, separation, setbacks and comebacks) and my vibrant Urban Queen artwork (inspired by the actions of remarkable women and lovingly created during the lockdown). This art & story combination ignited an amazing level of positive energy and passion. After a few days every cell of my being was elated and my heart oozing with compassion and empathy. And for that I am deeply grateful.

Sharing is more than caring, is empowering!

After being blessed with such an invaluable gift, I feel compelled to share this touching experience here. I truly believe that human stories have the unique power to lift others when they most need it. That in the victories (and setbacks) of others, we can find the embers to spark our own inner fire and carry on.

Is a picture worth a thousand words?

The Urban Queen paintings seem to be oxygen for these fires. The heartfelt messages I’ve been receiving suggest that the right pictures are way more powerful than words. That art has the power to lift our souls. To remind us we are magnificent beings capable of doing incredible good in the world. To give us strength to carry on, courage to push through.

Deeply connected

If you were touched by some of these paintings, if you felt a sense of renewed optimism, I am grateful to have served, even in a small way. I’m happy we connected and hope to be able to continue serving you on your journey to make your life and the world a little better.

Women helping women

The Urban Queens generously contribute to supporting young mothers who grew up in orphanages or in dysfunctional families. They are struggling with poverty, low self-esteem, suicidal attempts and no support network. We are helping them with counselling, training and financial assistance, so they can be safe and keep their children from going into social services. This charity, based in my home town in Transylvania, is very close to my heart and I’ve been passionately supporting them for the last 11 years. Details here: https://asociatiascut.galantom.ro/fundraising_pages/view?id=12854

Here’s to all of us, we got this!


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