The Gift That Keeps On Giving November 9, 2021

Hello art lovers!  Wherever you are in the world, I hope you are safe and well as the seasons slowly change and the fun and festivities of Christmas draw near. Yes, Christmas! Can you believe it’s only 6 short weeks away?!


With Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon, this is a wonderful time of year to reflect on what it means to give. All through the year, we are constantly giving our energy to others. We might be looking after family, working hard with colleagues, supporting our friends or just simply helping a neighbour with her groceries.


As I paint each beautiful Urban Queen, I paint the strength, compassion and generosity of the everyday women who inspire me. I SEE what you ladies give! And I pour all that loving, giving goodness into every painting I create. I believe the gift of our time and energy is so valuable, and giving thanks for that is so important.


So, what if this year, we chose to give back and pay a little attention to the person who matters most? Do you know who that person is?  YOU  Nourishing and nurturing our mind, body and soul is the best present we can gift ourselves, and the investment is surely worth it. Because we cannot give to others if our own cup is empty.


Germany Kent says, “An investment in yourself will never lead to regret.” I absolutely couldn’t agree more! Investing in yourself is the ultimate act of empowering self-love. This holiday season, while you are being generous with others I encourage you to be generous with yourself too. Reflect on what makes you happy. Find moments to fill your cup each day. Try something new that you’ve always wanted to do. Prioritise what is truly important to you and set boundaries for everything else.


Only by doing these things, can you feel empowered to grow stronger and become your best self. And by being your best self, you have more love and energy to give to others! Investing in yourself really is the gift that keeps on giving.


Here’s another radical gift-giving idea – spend as much time choosing a present for yourself as you would for your loved ones. That might sound silly, but I assure you, it is what we must do at times! Giving to yourself isn’t selfish or indulgent. It’s about embracing and strengthening your inner Queen, showing her some love and appreciation and that you matter, too!


The Urban Queen collection I paint is to remind you of the incredible woman you are.  My Urban Queen Paintings hang in homes, in works spaces, bedrooms, living rooms and even corporate offices all over the world as a reminder that YES you can, YES you will,  and YES I AM!  This holiday season I am here to remind you that whatever you have to do to inspire yourself do it!  #WearYourCrown


There are only a few Urban Queen original paintings left for this holiday season.  If you feel passionate about investing in yourself through art I welcome you to join my special community of collectors- I will be thrilled to know that my art is helping you empower yourself! Ending 2021 and beginning 2022 with all the positive vibes and power you deserve is truly a priceless gift. 


However you celebrate this upcoming holiday season, know that you are deserving of love, great gifts and all the sweetest things in life. So don’t be afraid to invest in yourself – because you are worth it!


“You have the power within yourself

to do more than you think

and more than you ever imagined” – Ramona Pintea #WearYourCrown


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