The call of the phoenix April 2, 2021



It is often said that eyes are the windows to your soul, and isn’t it amazing how true that can be? In another’s eyes, you can witness their story. You can see the tears of joy or grief, or the spark of awe and wonder. So much can be said in a single glance! 

This week, my own eyes keep gravitating towards one particular painting in the studio – Phoenix, lovingly named by one of my dear Facebook followers. Her quiet beauty is mesmerising, especially her soulful gaze, and I felt drawn to share her story with you all…   

Legends speak of an ancient bird that lives for 500 years and then burns itself in a fire, only to rise again out of the ashes as youthful and strong as ever. The phoenix symbolises hope, renewal, rebirth, immortality. It is graceful and timeless, sanguine and resilient. 

These are the qualities I hope to invoke in all my Urban Queens, but the call of the phoenix felt particularly strong in this gorgeous girl, and honestly, her name could not be more fitting! In her steely blue eyes, she tells a tale of quiet determination, revealing that although she has been through painful times, she persevered and prevailed. 

She has walked through darkness but looking back at it now, she is calm. Her face is bathed in lightness and serenity. Every challenge she met and every loss she suffered only made her more resilient, as she learnt to adapt and move forward, carrying her life lessons with grace.  

The crown is by her side, too, symbolising this Queen’s power. It reminds us that our feminine power is indestructible and will always be there with us. This Queen has the confidence and intuition to know that she doesn’t have to wear her crown for others. She doesn’t have to prove herself to anyone else or seek validation from the outside. Because she knows that her strength, her fire, burns brightly within. And that is more than enough.

The Phoenix offers us hope and urges us to carry on when things are difficult. Just as the phoenix can rise from the ashes, our human spirit can also recover from loss and adversity. 

And when the Phoenix spreads her wings and flies high into the sky, please remember, my darlings, that we, too, can soar!