The Art Of Empowering Women August 4, 2019

My art is aimed to inspire women to be bold, beautiful and empowered!

As modern women, it is important that we connect to our source of strength, and art is my chosen avenue to contribute to that. I believe that art has the potential to awaken something within us and open up new ways of thinking. With this in mind, I aim to explore the world of female empowerment art and gear my work towards elevating the feminine to its rightful place alongside the masculine.

The paintings I create aim to facilitate that movement. Portraying women to be strong and fearless activates our inner heroines and encourages women to be bold and make a name for themselves. This activating force is infectious, it’s already happening all around us, in literature, music, movies and everyday life and will encourage society to take notice of the amazing capabilities of women. Female empowerment painting

My inspiration comes from various places. History is a great teacher and researching strong, historical, female figures is a great passion of mine. Another source is connecting to the Goddess energy though female circle meditation and to the spirit animal though shamanic meditation. Female strength comes from within and centering and tapping into your inner power is essential to making that small change to believe in your own power.

Female empowerment art can help us remember that our inner strength and power is not in spite of, but because of our sensibility, vulnerability and compassion. 

I see my work not only as decorative pieces but also as a tool to contribute to women’s empowerment movement. Through the association with strong animals such as the Lion or Tiger, I portray women to be beautiful whilst holding the fierce energy, capable of thriving in any situation. By presenting women as equal to the ‘King of the Jungle’ I hope to encourage them to take ownership of their lives and accomplish their dreams and aspirations. 

Art is a reflection of our inner being and by fully immersing yourself in a piece of art you allow your true emotions to take control. The passion I hold for art is the catalyst for my creation, supporting my journey towards a level playing field for all humans.

If you have any questions about female empowerment art, feel free to complete the enquiry form at https://ramonapintea.com/contact/ and I’ll respond as fast as I can!

Ramona x


Tiger empowerment for women Woman Empowered by her Panther Spirit animal empowering woman