Tapping into your Urban Queen Superpower October 19, 2020


Embracing your Urban Queen is all about tapping into the spiritual energy within which guides you forward; that inner voice that uplifts and empowers you. Your SUPERPOWER. Tell me, if you listen closely with an open heart, what is your inner voice telling you? What is your superpower?

These are the questions that I am exploring in my next collection, Superpowers Urban Queen. I am inviting everyone to be a part of making this art and to have your personal superpowers embodied in big, bright colours.

A painting can say 1000 words, but a single word can speak straight to the heart. Courage. Compassion. Love. So much wonderous power in such small words. A few powerful words can open up many possibilities. They can invite reflection, build connections, relieve our fears, or motivate us towards our dreams. I firmly believe in the power of the written word. Writing words down and seeing them in our physical space makes them all the more real and tangible – emphasising the qualities that the words embody. That is why for the latest Urban Queens series, I am weaving words and poetry into my paintings. All the words are inspired by you – my dear art community – and will emphasise the superpowers that resonate most with you.

I want to hear your stories, your voices, and reflect these in our beautiful Queens. After all, my main purpose through the Urban Queens paintings has always been to highlight the inner strength and power of all women, everywhere. Whether you are a world leader, a boss, a multi-tasking mother, a friend – we all possess so many strengths and talents. We are brave in the face of uncertainty. We are generous with our time and energy. We are capable and wise. Sometimes our powers are hidden away or marginalised, so even we forget we have them. But it’s always there within us. With your collaboration, I want my next Urban Queens to reflect those powers and sing them out to the world with confidence and grace. To remind us all that yes, we do have superpowers. To inspire us, because, yes, we are all heroes.

With another collection also comes more opportunities to experiment and try new things, and it is a super exciting time in my studio! I want to connect you even closer to the Urban Queen, so some of my new paintings will be painted on plexiglass with a mirror on the back. This unique medium will allow you to see yourself as you are viewing the Queen. This is the ultimate reflection of the true inner queen! Who wouldn’t love one of these big beautiful artworks in your home, empowering you every day to live your true self to the fullest and embrace your superpowers?

Through the challenging times this year, being able to grow a community around the Urban Queen has been an amazing and humbling experience. I am overwhelmed by the positivity and hope that art can generate, and especially grateful for the responses from everyday women who have been moved by my art.

I am honoured to be spreading that joy and power even further with this upcoming collection.

The first two series of Urban Queen paintings sold out rapidly, so keep an eye out for the launch date at the end of this month if you don’t want to miss out. If you want any specially commissioned pieces or have superpower words or poetry you’d like to contribute – do get in touch at ramona.pintea@gmail.com. And stay tuned for more updates soon!


Artfully yours,



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