I am a spiritual being having a human experience. July 30, 2017

I did not come up with this phrase, it is used among many. Sometimes I have moments where I am unequivocally aware of the truth behind it. So much so that I can feel it with my entire being.

Eternal Sunshine - painting by Ramona Pintea

Eternal Sunshine – Acrylic on canvas 100cm x 150cm

As a society, when we are at pace, when we have shelter and food and the basic necessities taken care of, when there is no war or plague; we start to ponder, to look round at this amazing world and start to ask the all important  questions. The same questions that have been asked throughout history time and time again. Who am I?  Why am I here? What is our collective purpose?

We work hard every day to give our bodies all the comfort that we think it needs, when in fact we will only feel truly at peace when we feed our soul. These questions may never be answered, yet is it not to say that we shouldn’t be searching for the answers. For in the search you find a moment, a glimpse, of being more than just a body and a mind, of being connected to everything. The search is an integral part of my life.

And then I will ask myself the other question: Is it our egos who can not accept that we are just some passing species who are born, live and die without a purpose, just like the hedgehog in my garden? Are we superior to the chicken on my plate or the plant on my window seal?

People wiser than me say that we are part of everything and that everything is connected, just like the particles that make up the chair I’m sitting on.

So brushing my own ego aside, my unwavering desire for searching leads me along the well worn paths of life. Like so many before me,  heading towards the answers of the larger questions which can only be found ahead and beyond.  I’m focusing on finding that moment when I feel connected to everything, when I see the spirit of the plant, when I hear the heartbeat of the hedgehog,  and even feel that I am one with my plastic chair.

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