Sky’s the limit January 28, 2018

Ramona Pintea Art

Do you remember the mighty elephant at the circus, who is tied  by a thin rope and thinks he can’t escape?  Every day, in our minds, we tie those ropes or put a glass ceiling over our dreams and capabilities.

Today I had a great reminder of doing just that.

I enjoy running but due to a medical challenge I had to stop all form of exercise for the past two and a half years. This January I thought I would give it another go, part of my new year resolution to keep fit. I was absolutely convinced that I can’t run more than two or three kilometers.

For my first run of the year, I was lucky enough to have my husband with me, who doesn’t share my limiting beliefs. We chose the usual route and I wanted to stop at least 10 times. My mind kept telling me how tired I was and how difficult this is, how the injuries are going to come back and how unfit I am for not doing any form of exercise lately. I had to use a lot of will power to pushe through. The result was 6k! A lot more than I was expecting. I was so proud of myself!  I was 1km short of completing the lap but there was no way I was ready to do a full lap, my mind would not allow it!

Today I went for another run, this time in a forest. I didn’t know the area at all. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and about 2 inches of snow lay the ground like a sparkling carpet. I was with two friends of mine and my dog, we went slow, chatted, got lost, found our way again and had a fab time. At no point did I get tired, I felt fresh and really good to be back exercising in the gorgeous outdoors. My mind was bussy with the conversation and with taking in the beauty of the forest. When we got back we checked our phones to see how far we had run. 13km!!!! The furthest I had ever run… EVER!

We are capable of doing so much more than we give ourselves credit for! I started asking myself a lot of questions.  Where else in my life do I sell myself short? Are there other times when I listen to the voice of doubt, fear and limitation? What are my limitations and are they real? In the end I’m the one who set them for no apparent reason.

The people who know me, would say that I am a very confident woman and I know what I want in life. And yet, like so many other people I set myself limits that are not real. Today was a good reminder of what I think is possible and what really is possible. After all, I have literally walked on fire, several times!

I know that only sky’s the limit . Today was a great reminder of that and I am grateful for re-learning this lesson.