Purple Dreamssold

As I was jogging around a beautiful lake near my house, I watched the nature transform and change with the seasons. Spring is my favourite. The explosion of colour, the glimmer of the warm sun, the smell of fresh grass, have inspired a whole collection of paintings. These were the visual stimulus that served as a vessel to carry the ideas, thoughts and feelings I hope to have impressed onto these pictures. As I was observing nature there was a constant reminder that life passes by quickly, that we need to savour the moment right here and right now, that like these beautiful flowers we will fade away, transform and move on to different planes.

My intention is to capture that special moment, to make it last a little longer, to take it with me from the park into the home and cherish it for a lifetime

This painting comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Materials used:

Acriylic paint on canvas, 120 x 80cm