Midnight Romance

It’s the intent of the artist that transcends through the colors and shapes into your heart and finds something to resonate with.

My intent for this painting? Quite simply I was thinking of love.
Isn’t love the ultimate quest? Isn’t it why we are here on earth? To experience it fully?
I truly feel tingling all over my body when I smell or admire a flower. I think the purpose of the flower is to show love and remind us to do the same.
She invades our senses with her beauty, her fragrance, the smoothness of her petals.
She reminds us that life is short and beautiful and that we should live it fully.

This is a large scale painting that does not require framing.

It is textured and varnished in a shiny varnish to protect from light and dust.

It comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by me, the artist.

Materials used:

mixed media and acrylic paint, 150 x 100cm