It’s Just Noise

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This painting was inspired by my relationship with my teenage daughter. As she was going through her hormonal changes, we took turns of being the roaring lioness or the unresponsive woman. I was letting her vent understanding what she was going through and she was ignoring me when I was enraged.

When the painting was finished I asked myself a different question. I wondered if our spirit animals, guides or angels get frustrated with us when they try so hard to help us on our own path and we dismiss their messages, mistrust our gut feelings and disconnect from our intuition. 

Then I was thinking of all the noise around us and how sometimes we manage to just let it all go. Be detached. Don’t engage, don’t let it disrupt your pace. 

Whatever you see in this picture is true for you, it’s a reflection or a reminder of your inner world.

This is a textured, original oil painting, 100cm/70cm. It is painted on a box canvas and it is framed in a beautiful gloss white box frame.

The painting it comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Ramona Pintea

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