A shamanic journey

This painting is part of the Quest series.

The QUEST is a chromatic journey towards answers, an energetic existential debate.

Our life is a continuous search, whether consciously or not. We try to find meaning, to discover who we are, what our life’s purpose is and how we can be happy.

Ramona Pintea aims to catch the moments of intense vulnerability along this journey. The peak points reveal a spirited desire to communicate with other existential dimensions and the experience is sometimes tumultuous, sometimes serene.

The artworks delicately combine the chakra colour range with symbols of various religious traditions and inspiration from spiritual guides. A determined yet fluid fusion between abstract and figurative, with one overriding purpose; the QUEST.

This painting does not require a frame. It comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Materials used:

oil paint, 80 x 120cm