Urban Queen

This  series of paintings started during the months of isolation and it’s a homage to all women.

The Urban Queen represents not just global women leaders, but all the leaders in our own lives,  even those living in anonymity. My art celebrates all the women who juggle raising kids with running the household, working hard at their jobs while managing their health and looking after everyone around them. I wanted to bring these tireless, selfless women into the spotlight and show the strength and courage that every single one of them brings to their daily life.
Through each Urban Queen painting, I want to bring every woman into the spotlight who runs her household, raises her children, puts up with her boss, looks after her health, and shows the strength and courage in her everyday life.

Believe in yourself! Love yourself! You are worth it!

These are all original paintings and there is a very limited number of them.

Art is a life long investment in yourself. If you fall in love with one, go for it!

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