Painting the Spirit Animal Series October 17, 2018

Ramona Pintea stands in front of the her spirit animal collection

The spirit animal series is one of importance to me. But before I discuss how they came to be, it is important that I provide you with some context.


My Art Inspiration


I have been a seeker for personal and spiritual growth for the past 20 years. I have learned to focus my thoughts on the positive and to find the good in life and in people.

I am what you may call the ‘happy person’, the one who laughs, loves and finds the nectar of life in most situations. My paintings of flowers are a true reflection of the joy I feel most days.

But the Universe nudges you to grow, so in 2015 a situation happened that brought me down onto my knees, mocking my ego and reminding me that I am but a speck in this big sea of energies.

Initially I started asking lame questions, such as ‘Why me?’ Later I learned to ask better questions related to my/our life purpose and the reason for our existence. This inner struggle gave birth to the Quest series of paintings.

These paintings are about that vulnerable moment when we strip bare and ask God for help, when we feel lost and confused, begging for answers and salvation. The angel wings appeared later in the process of painting as an answer to my questions.

They represent our own divinity, they tell us that all we need is within ourselves and that all we have to do is get up and push forward. This was the beginning of healing for me.


Finding my Spirit Animal


As I kept searching for more peace of mind, I discovered during a shamanic meditation that the lioness was my power animal, helping me through the struggle, giving me the courage and strength I needed.

This opened a new door. I started going to group shamanic meditations, connecting with the spirit animals. I am highly visual so during the meditations I’m lucky to see the animals clearly in great detail and beautiful bold colours.

I am also claircognizant, meaning that I get messages as a knowing. The spirit animals helped me further with my healing process and it became clear to me that I have to paint them.

We are connected with the animals of the world through an invisible soul chord. We love our pets, we want to save the endangered species, we feel a deep connection even watching a dolphin on television.

I still have more questions than answers in regards to our undisputed connection with the animals. however, I feel urged to paint them, to bring to life their spirit and their qualities. My hope is that the spirit animal series will inspire and somehow help you in your own journey.

I hope you will be able to connect with the animals and take from that connection the qualities that they bring to you as gifts. And if I manage to inspire or help one person, I believe the hours spent in my studio are worth it.


Explore your Spirit Animals


If you would like to explore my Spirit Animal paintings, they can be found on my website.

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