Painting ‘Human Nature’ November 14, 2018

Human Nature


From my studio where I work by the gorgeous morning light, I see a duality. Outside in the wild, untamed garden, the beautiful autumn colours come into focus as the last vestiges of summer ebb away with the changing of the clocks.

Nature shakes itself of its green and give way instead to vibrant reds and browns. Fallen, crisp leaves carpet the land, spread deep on the grass like offerings laid by careful and dutiful worshippers welcoming the arrival their beloved Guru. This season has so much to teach us.

Fruits of the Earth are born and ripen on their boughs. Living in Surrey I am lucky enough to see, almost daily, a family of deer come to the garden to feed on the apples offered by the trees.

Groups of them come at a time, a handsome community of exploratory, curious and most of all graceful animals. I can’t help but be inspired by them.

Just as this scene unfolds beyond my window, colours erupt inside my studio as well. They burst from every surface and illuminate every meaningful memory in their rich light. I add these new shades and shapes into my work. The golden colours of this new season inform my hands.


Painting ‘Human Nature’


This oil painting Human Nature is my interpretation of that reality on both a physical and metaphysical level.

Just as nature presents us with multiple realities which emerge with the passing of time, so too there exists the same evolving duality within all of us.

For the content of this painting two animals sit, proudly, on either side of a canvas.

First to the left: a deer. Intuitive but also playful, these animals are ambitious in their exploration. They move, even in their sudden movements when pressed by predators, with great grace and power.

Much as the real ones who come to my garden to feed and commune with each other, deer are known to explore with sensitivity. To roam peacefully and with open minds. They are widely praised for their compassion, which features prominently in the way in which they interact with the natural world.

Then secondly to the right, the Tiger, the other side of this duality. They are blessed with patience and a fiercely independent spirit.

They have the gift of knowledge: of when to move, when to hunt, and finally when to rest between all other moments. This self-assuredness is something that we all aspire to; a personality trait that we can only hope to approximate.

These two animals represent the various complementary natures of my being, but there is a similar duality of spirit inside all of us too.


Learning to show your human nature


It is our duty as human beings to allow them to inform our better selves, to let the nature of these animals guide us through the seasons and the years. To let our human nature show through.

Nature is the most playful beast of all. She will show you herself in many forms at many times. It is during this time that you too should contemplate the various parts of yourself that rise and fall with the changing seasons.

If you liked the human nature subject, then you maybe you would like to explore my Spirit Animal paintings, they can be found on my website.


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