Own and Honour Your Crown! July 10, 2020


All of us need to be reminded our inner royalty from time to time. Whether you are full-time mother devoting yourself to happy and healthy kids, iron lady running a successful enterprise, government worker creating policies for a better world, social worker helping and saving others, owner of a small close-to-heart business, or all of the above. Little slips on the way, small bumps of negativity, personal vulnerability traps and the crown has tilted.

Yet what makes us the Queens? The ability to stand up, shake off, find inner strength and put the crown back to its rightful place. The ability to reincarnate this very crown, to make it even more valuable and meaningful. And moreover, the ability to rock it harder than before, shinier than ever, purposeful as can be.

I invite you to start spending less time trying to find the base and reason for having that crown. I invite to focus more on what you can achieve wearing the Crown proudly rather than debating whether you deserve one or not. 

For the next few weeks I will be working or private commissioned Urban Queens. I’m excited to see how these Urban Queens will serve women around the world  as reminders of inner powers and potentials they possess. My mission is to empower women through art, that’s what get’s me up in the mornings and makes me spend hours at the easel.

If you would like your own Queen, get in touch with me and let’s create your own unique piece of Art For Your Soul.

Cannot wait to share more results of these collaborations with You on my social media posts.