On Crowns, Women and Everyday Life May 11, 2020


Being an all-time and true devotee of Mother Nature and her creations, I believe that all the components of this universe, including men and women, are all equally essential and worthy.

It means that the world needs both men and women to maintain harmony and balance.

Embodying the same idea, an article by Forbes named, What Do Countries With The Best Coronavirus Responses Have In Common? Women Leaderscaught up my attention and inspired me for my new collection of paintings ‘Urban Queens’.

In that article, Angela Merkel of Germany, Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan, Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand, Katrín Jakobsdóttir of Iceland, Sanna Marin of Finland, Erna Solberg of Norway and Mette Frederiksen of Denmark have been acknowledged as the women leaders from around the globe who responded very quickly and tactfully to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic in their states.

These seven women leaders, along with their strong determination and decisiveness, provided their people with motherly love and care. They demonstrated that with all the might of brains, governance, and affection, women can too play their role in shaping this world into a better and safer place, just like men.

Inspired with the essence of such a true and strong leadership, my new series of women portraits is a new take on the same theme. Along with these seven ladies and other brave and determinate known figures, my inspiration is every woman who is a leader but is living in anonymity. Through my paintings, I want to bring every woman to spotlight who runs her household, raises her children, puts up with her boss, looks after her health, and shows the strength and courage in her everyday life. 



I feel that fragility, tenderness, and affection are the qualities of women powerful enough to be their strengths and not their weaknesses. And all I want to put in my art is this strength and vigor clad in gentle and compassionate emotions of every woman.

I experience the company of such women who are running their small businesses, coaching or training classes, inspiring people in and outside their homes with the words and actions, making crucial decisions, and leading their lives confidently and blissfully. And I have painted all these women in my paintings.

I am always passionate to collect all such hues of feminism and paint women in all their beauty and strength, compassion and courage, vulnerability, and strength. And for that, I found the crown as the best emblem of strength and leadership that is not only worn by the leaders of the states but also by you, me, and every other woman.  


What Does the Crown Make You Feel?

I have used the crown in these paintings as the expression of strong leadership qualities that every woman owns undoubtedly.

Now it’s your turn to tell me what do you feel when you see the crown.

Do you feel strong and undefeatable? Do you appreciate the leader in you? Do you feel the responsibility on your shoulders?

I would love to hear from you, leave your comments bellow, I’ll make sure to read them and respond.