Mother’s Love May 7, 2021

Mother’s Day is one of my favourite celebrations of the year because it shines a light on a figure that often gives so much while expecting nothing in return. I believe every mother is a Queen in her own right – and you lovely ladies deserve to be recognised and celebrated! 


It was not until I had my own child that I truly started to appreciate my own mother, and everything she has provided me over the years. Mothers (and all the many variations of motherly parental figures out there) are often the beating heart of the family household; working hard, keeping the house in order, looking after the kids and putting her family’s well being and comfort above her own. Even as her children grow into adulthood and begin their own lives, a mother’s love does not fade or lessen. It simply adapts and flows through their children’s lives in different ways, always ready to provide support, advice and comfort even from afar. 


As I think about motherhood, I feel the presence of all the beautiful female portraits in the studio around me and it reminds me of the many generations of strong, devoted women who have paved the way to allow me to be here, now. 


One painting especially, speaks deeply to me of the strength, tenderness and mysteries of motherhood. She is Leilani, which means heavenly flower in Hawaiian. This Queen is grounded in the present but dreaming of earlier days, reminiscing of all the previous lives she has lived. For a mother was not always just a mother, of course. She was a playful child herself. She had big dreams and grand adventures, she fell in and out of love and made mistakes. Oh wouldn’t it be just fascinating to learn about all those past lives of our own mothers?! 


But I imagine that of all the roles in her life, Leilani found the most rewarding was being a mother. This Queen knows that it is not always an easy journey, and there are sorrows and heartaches along the way. But the hard work of motherhood is absolutely worth it to see a child grow and blossom, eventually branching off into the world alone to create their own families. 


Another painting in my studio sings to me of the comfort of feeling a mother’s love. There are few things as soothing and supportive, or as endless and unconditional, as a cosy, warm embrace from your mum. That warmth is reflected in this Queen and she radiates with lightness, calm and gratitude.


It is fitting that the two paintings I’m drawn to most are Queens with flowers in their hair. Like a cluster of pretty flowers plucked from the garden bed, mother and child have the same roots and no matter where they might end up, they will always share a delicate but unbreakable bond. Flowers epitomise the tender love between mother and child, so it is no wonder that they are such a popular and appropriate mother’s day gift! 


With these paintings, the flowers will last forever, shining steadfastly as beacons of light and love. They remind me again of how grateful I am for my mum, and for all the women that have come before and lit up the world with their graceful, wise, motherly love.


So, to all the mums and mother-figures out there, thank you for everything that you do, today and everyday. Please, please know that you are loved and appreciated and that I, for one, am sending you a massive, loving hug today. Happy Mother’s Day!!