Mirror, Mirror on the Wall October 26, 2020


We all know the fairy tale where the vain ‘queen’ poisons the fair maiden out of jealousy, condemning the innocent girl to lifeless slumber until she is rescued by a handsome prince. Well, I’ve been thinking – in this day and age, does that story have any relevance at all? Should that be the story we tell our young daughters? The story that may shape their understanding of the world, and their place in it? My answer: NO WAY!

Paintings are like fairy tales; they tell a narrative, evoke emotions, invite reflection. Our connection with a painting can be as powerful and lasting as the memory of a childhood story. So it makes sense that the artworks around our home should reflect the stories that we want to tell ourselves. Or tell stories that inspire and entertain us; that make us happy, or buoy us when we are sad. Paintings can do all that, and so much more.

As you know, the Urban Queen has been built on the inspiring stories and ideas of my wonderful virtual community of everyday men and women. And the story we are creating together here in 2020 is one of courage and empathy. Our world has no place for jealous ‘queens’ tearing other people down. Instead, we are supporting each other through the toughest of times and offering love, kindness and compassion. We are also strong and decisive, taking our super powers into our own hands and changing the world. No one has time to wait around for a prince!

So let’s re-write this old-fashioned fairy tale. With my latest Superpower Urban Queen series, I have created a limited series of artworks painted on see-through Plexiglass with an added mirror on the back. When you look at the painting, you will actually see yourself at the same time! You will be invited to reflect on the person you see in front of you, and the qualities and super powers you have within yourself. This to me, will be the true reflection of our modern day Urban Queen.

A mirrored painting is totally unique and the reflective effect up close is just dazzling. I have used some iridescent paints that shimmer in the light. Gold and silver foil on the sunglasses and crowns create a soft, warm glow and a touch of glamour.

There are only 3 paintings with the mirrored Plexiglass so these will be in hot demand. I have also created a 4th painting on Plexiglass with a red background – still reflective but not as obvious as a mirror. My signature pops of colour and vibrant energy still shine through, but the mirrored effect adds even more interest. It lets you really connect with your inner Queen.

Which Urban Queen do you see yourself in most? You might be able to have one of these mirrored paintings hanging in your home very soon – the Superpower Urban Queen release is coming up on the 31st of October, so stay tuned on my FB and IG pages! But even without one of my paintings, I still want to entreat you… Next time you look in the mirror, ask yourself, who is the *fiercest* of them all?

Keep shining my beautiful Queens!

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