Let’s talk about love! February 3, 2021


Hello art loving friends!

As with every new year, I started 2021 full of optimism and excitement. Bursting with lots of fun ideas and creative energy that I can’t wait to share. And, this year I’m even more excited because it kicks off with a sweet milestone: our fast growing, art loving community is now over 10,000 strong!

I Love You x 10k

I am incredibly happy that our arty family reached 10k recently, we almost doubled in one year.  This is especially meaningful as we did it in a time full of uncertainty and unprecedented challenges. It really warms my heart to know that during these turbulent times, our art has touched so many beautiful souls around the world.

10k amazing art lovers from around the world came together, creating a positive, supportive and inclusive community. Inspired by you all I carried on painting and connecting through lockdowns and anti-social distancing. Our much-cherished Urban Queens were created with the love and kind contribution of this fabulous community. So I am super excited to continue co-creating more passionate art with our growing community this year. Imagine what we could accomplish together as we build momentum and share the love of art with the next 10,000 supporters!

So thanks everyone for showing me the love, let’s continue creating magic together!

Introducing ‘Amore’


For many of us February is the month of love and we can’t wait for Valentine’s day. Whilst it is true that red roses and chocolate may be a bit cliché, the real essence of Valentine’s Day is absolutely worth celebrating.

It is about love. It is about cherishing the people we value most and saying “thank you and I love you”. It is a chance to reaffirm our deep and enduring relationships, more important now than ever.

How do you show your love to others? If nothing else, take the time this Valentine’s to connect with someone special in your life and tell them that you love them. That may just be the best gift of all.

Another wonderful way we show our love is through meaningful gifts. A thoughtful present can be as unique and special as the relationship we are celebrating. It can candidly capture the spirit of our relationship so we can remember and savour it for years to come.

Art is deeply personal and irresistibly romantic, making it a wonderful gift. It is often said that a single picture speaks a thousand words, so what better way to express romance and emotion than through enduring artwork?

That’s why I am delighted to announce the hot, new mini-series titled ‘Amore’. 10 limited-edition, passion oozing artworks, one heart and one kiss pairings in a range of my signature radiant colours!

These beauties are absolutely shining with joy and romance. Whether your love is a fiery, red passion or a sultry, calm blue – there will be an artwork that speaks to you and your Valentine.

They will be available on my website only from Friday 5th – Sunday 12th February. Keep an eye out on my social media for more info. I hope to ship all the paintings out in time for Valentine’s Day to make your celebrations extra special this year.

Have a fabulous month of loving and being loved!

With all my love,