Good vibes only July 7, 2021

Good vibes only

In this modern day, time goes by so quickly and it is all too easy to fall into periods of stress, anxiety, sadness and fatigue. But whenever I am feeling down, I hear a voice inside encouraging me to pick myself back up and just keep going. Even if I can’t control anything else around me, I can control how I feel and I can deliberately focus on moments of happiness and joy. That is the essence of my latest Urban Queen paintings – they are pure, hopeful spirits that remind us all to let go, laugh and just have some fun! 

As the gorgeous Cyndi Lauper once said, “girls just wanna have fun!”. And I tell you, my lovelies, it can feel so freeing to let your hair down sometimes and indulge in fun times and laughter. After all, life is short, so why should we take it (or ourselves) so seriously all of the time? Sometimes the best remedy for a tough day is to reconnect with your inner child – blow some bubbles, pop open some soda (or champagne!), turn up the radio and dance the night away. This Bubbalicious Queen embodies the lightheartedness of youth. She follows the call of her inner wild child, fun and full of energy. 

But, as you know, my Urban Queens have a bit of spunk, too. They are not the girly, pink princesses of childhood fairy tales. They are sweet and sassy, proclaiming confidently to the world they want “good vibes only”. No matter what gets them down, I feel these Queens will brush it off with a shrug and a bubblegum ‘pop’ and carry on being the fun, fearless women they were meant to be. 

Painting these bright pink Queens has definitely brought a lot of fun and energy to the studio. How can you not laugh out loud when you are splashing bright pink paint onto a giant canvas? Or bouncing around on a mini trampoline?! I had such a blast exploring my playful side, and I hope that energy radiates from my canvas into the hearts of anyone who sees these glamorous Queens. 

With summer getting into full swing (in the northern hemisphere at least) and the world slowly opening up again, I’m definitely getting ready to let my hair down and have some fun in the sun! 

How about you? How do you reconnect with your inner wild child and have a fun time?