What if? September 3, 2017

Midnight Roses Painting

Midnight Roses – 100H x 150 W (cm)

I look at a painting and sometimes I’m amazed at how just a few colours and shapes can transmit such strong emotions. And then I remember the intent; it’s the intent of the artist that transcends through the colours and shapes into your heart and finds something to resonate with.

I love how people interpret my paintings in different ways and most of the times I like to listen to their stories before I say what I had in mind. 

What was I thinking when I was painting these flowers? Quite simply I was thinking of love.

Isn’t love the ultimate quest? Isn’t it why we are here on earth? To experience it fully?

I truly feel my whole body vibrate when I smell or admire a flower. I think the purpose of the flower is to show love and remind us to do the same. She invades our senses with her beauty, her fragrance, the smoothness of her petals. She reminds us that life is short and beautiful and that we should live it fully. She shows us that a single rose may be beautiful but a field of roses is much more impactful. She stands beautiful in the wind and the rain and impresses deep feelings onto our hearts.

We respond. We show our love through her, we sing songs and write poetry about her beauty, we paint her and hang the picture on our walls to admire it for years to come.

Isn’t that a life worth living? Isn’t that a wonderful purpose?

What if we, as human beings, don’t have this big purpose we are searching for? What if it’s only the need of  our ego to search for a very special, amazing, all powerful purpose? The libraries are full of books that promise to help us find our purpose. But what if, just like the rose, our purpose is just to be present, to love, to be kind to one another? To be the best parent we can be, the best brother or sister, the best neighbor, the best human being, living in harmony with nature and one another?

Artwork available on Saatchiart: https://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/645462

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