Feeling Fabulous in your Feminine August 10, 2020

What brings out the Fabulous in you?

As women, we more often than not spend our time and energy on others. Whether that be caring and raising our children, being the best friend that always answers the phone no matter the hour, or pouring our hearts and souls into our work. Life can be draining but we keep on giving. We can get sucked into the mundane and forget to honour our true feminine selves.

Worldwide I see a repeated pattern with the turn of recent events. As the pandemic continues to affect people everywhere more pressure has fallen onto women to take on extra responsibilities of becoming their children’s’ teachers during times of lockdown.

With so much pressure on women right now I want us to take a step back and really look into ourselves. Remember the true essence of being feminine.

We are endless rivers of energy that constantly flow outwards. The universe is a wonderful place, and energy is abundant. We each have our own ways of replenishing that energy that we give out.  Some take a long bubble bath, do exercise or surround themselves with inspiring people.

But more than just replenishing that energy let’s think about what is your secret to feeling fabulous? To feel fabulous is a special gift for the feminine. Sometimes feeling fabulous is something as simple as putting on your favourite lipstick, a pair of sunglasses, and letting the inner queen shine. This series of Fabulous Urban Queens is about feeling remarkable in your feminine self.

We each have our ways of expressing our femininity and feeling phenomenal. I for one am a big lover of red lipstick, it is amazing how a little lippy can really make me feel on top of my game, and amazing in my own skin. But it may be something totally different for you. Maybe it’s the feeling of your favourite outfit against your skin or feeling all eyes on you as you give a speech.

My favourite way of feeling fabulous is by empowering other remarkable queens. That is why I created the Urban Queens series. It is so important that we empower and uplift each other, shine the glory on the women around you. The more you empower a woman the more you can see her light shine.

The colours I chose here really represent strength, lightness and beauty. It takes a strong woman to rock in orange, but she who does cannot fail. Green speaks life in every sense of the world. Like a true queen she blows life into all that surrounds her. And pink is the colour that is always chosen to represent femininity, and I am OK with that, the colour of petals and sweet summer flowers. If we are to represent all sides of a woman, I think I will need to paint an endless amount of paintings to represent all aspects of the feminine in all hues.

Whatever form the feminine comes in, we are all FABULOUS, and today and every day that should not be forgotten.

If you connect with one of the Fabulous paintings and you really , really want it , here’s the link to get it: