New painting Compassion is inspired by the Covid-19 events that are taking place in the world.

Bath Art Fair 2020

Come and see me at the Barth Art Fair!

28 th February – 6-9pm- Private View

29th February 10-6

1st March 10-5

Exhibiting at The Winter Show 2018

Pieces from my latest ‘Spirit Animal’ series are exhibited  at Trinity Art Gallery in association with Degree Art Gallery.

The exhibit is open until 27th of January 2019. Please contact https://degreeart.com/artists/ramona-pintea to book a viewing.

Solo Exhibition “In search of Heaven”, Bucharest, 2015

28 October - 11 November 2015. Radisson Blue Mezanin

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Ramona brings a rich tapestry of elements to her paintings - an eventful personal heritage, a complex yet fulfilling professional journey and oozing artistic flair. Drawing upon the artist’s background and views on life, her work incorporates a range of influences that invite the viewers to revel in diverse expressions of beauty.

Most of her paintings are manifestations of tales of love, vibrant abstractions of nature and delightful florals. She creates art to convey emotions of happiness, love and beauty, aiming, in her own words, ‘to take the viewers to happy places.’ Her trademark palette features mostly joyous, bright tones and yet there are times when softer tones are deployed for a seducing, nostalgic or soothing theme. Love, romance and sensuality are recurring leitmotifs throughout her artwork.

Ramona emphatically applies her feminine, soft and tender touch to exploring love’s many facets, nuances and subtleties. Nature and flowers are also pervasive in Ramona’s body of work. The scope is expansive, ranging from gentle or intense abstracts of the four seasons, to warming landscapes and lively florals. “I am unreservedly and unapologetically an optimist, eternally in love with life, humankind and our riveting journey through life. My art is thus a labor of love, endeavoring to bring viewers moments of true joy and reverence. The themes, tones and brush stroke through my body of work pursue the ‘joie de vivre’, the uplifting and the beautiful.”



Group Exhibition “Autumn Salon”, Parliament Palace, Bucharest

4-30 September 2014, Constantin Brancusi Hall, Parliament Palace, Bucharest

afish 2014 final (2)


Three of the Ramona's paintings have been selected to be shown at "The Autumn Salon 2014". 



Solo Exhibition “Summer Symphony”, Brasov, 2014

19 August-16 September 2014, Gallery Terroirs Boutique, Brasov



"Summer Symphony" Exhibition has traveled to Brasov, Ramona's home town. Hosted by Terroirs Boutique Gallery, the exhibition is open for four weeks and it has attracted the interest of the local media.

"It has been a real joy to bring my art home, for the first time in a solo exhibition"


Solo Exhibition “Summer Symphony”, Bucharest, 2014

12 June - 14 July 2014 Poenicia Grand Hotel, Bucharest

A wonderful combination of the artist’s figurative paintings and a new flower series come together to bring forth an array of colours and emotions. Ramona explores further the couple’s love, from passionate to innocence, from fantasy to purity whilst using both bright and pastel colour pallets. The flowers series is inspired by her daily outdoor escapes observing in amazement the changing seasons from snowy winter to a spring bursting with flowers, scent and colour. Guest speaker is curator Nicoleta Zagura president at Art & Heritage Romania who talks about Ramona’s paintings as being tender, soft and transparent, oozing of light, innocence and candour.


Group Exhibition “Fusion X – Art Ascension”, Miami, Florida, 2013

12 October-16th December 2013

The exhibition was opened between 12 October-16th December 2013 and it was curated by William Braemer, the director of Art Fusion Galleries. More than 1200 guests attended the opening night and a further 1000 visited the gallery during Art Basel Miami.

Ramona Pintea’s collection entitled “Blue” consists of 10 pieces, acrylic on canvas, that invites us to an uplifting journey into the world of feminine emotion. Using bright and optimistic tones, Ramona explores defining moments in a woman’s life journey, from the inceptive yearning for a soul mate, on to deep, sensual and passionate love. The joyful moments continue with the bliss of carrying an unborn child and the pride and nurturing love for one of our greatest wonders, a new born. 

Whether expressed through a flower’s simple and natural beauty, a lover’s affectionate embrace or joyful maternal pride, Love seems to be abundant. The paintings artfully combine sensitivity and freshness to remind us of the beauty within and around us, vividly emphasizing that, as Beatles put it “all we need is love”.

Solo Exhibition “Endearing Love” Bucharest, 2013

December 2013

Hosted at “Cesianu Racovita Palace” in the heart of Bucharest in December 2013, the exhibition is a continuation of the work Ramona was exhibiting in Miami during the same period. This time only a few pieces carry the “Blue” signature as the artist moves towards reds, oranges and yellows. The love theme is ever present and explored further with innocence and sincerity.

The exhibition is opened by HRH Prince Paul and Princes Lia of Romania followed art Critic Pavel Susara who talks about the artist’s ability in expressing herself without hypocrisy, leaving herself vulnerable and opening a gate for each of us to walk through. Whilst resonating with the works we finding our own world of beauty, love and paradise corner.


Solo Exhibition “Enthralling Seasons” Bucharest, 2012


Group Exhibition “Atelier De Creatie Sultana”, Bucharest, 2012


Group Exhibition “Okian Gallery”, 2012 Brasov


Solo Exhibition at the National Pedagogic Library, Bucharest, 2011


Group Exhibition “Atelier De Creatie Sultana”, Bucharest, 2011