Be a Hero and Win a Painting! May 30, 2018


win this painting in support of Brasov heroes

Competition to win this painting if you donate to Brasov Heroes!


I’ve decided to play my part in creating positive change by running 8km on the 10th June for Brasov Heroes! So i’m holding an exciting competition.

Are you looking for ways to give back and make a large difference in the lives of young, vulnerable people?

If contribution is a big part of your life, I’m with you on that. Giving back to society is an enormously important part of my life.

Over the past 8 years I’ve been volunteering and supporting SCUT, an NGO in my home town of Brasov. SCUT supports young teenagers to integrate into society when they that leave orphanages.

Teenage years are difficult for most, but for kids who suffer from abandonment issues, low self esteem, depression and who have not been prepared for life outside of an institution it is especially terrifying.

Mental health is an issue affecting people of all ages. More young people are suffering from depression than ever before with teen suicide reaching record levels.

Reading these troubling statistics I can’t sit back and not contribute.

Yes, I’m going to be a Heroine! The best part? YOU can be a Hero too!

Although you don’t have to run 8 km, you don’t have to come to Brasov (even though you should, it’s a beautiful town), you don’t even have to get off your sofa but you can also be a Brasov Hero or a Heroine! And in doing so you will also have the chance to win one of my original oil paintings!!

I have chosen a beautiful landscape to give away as a prize for supporting my run and our cause.

This is an original oil painting, 50/70cm, which I painted on a lovely sunny Sunday in Snagov last year in preparation for the Landscape Artist of the Year competition in the UK.

It isn’t on my website or anywhere else at the time of writing this. Partially because I don’t often paint landscapes and when I do they are often for myself or my family. So what do you say? Fancy winning this rare piece of artwork from my collection? It comes signed and dated with a certificate of authenticity.

If you would like to own this painting while supporting a life changing cause, here are the steps to become one of the Brasov heroes:

  1. Follow the link below and make a donation. The site is in Romanian so I will take you step by step through it at the end of this blog post.

  2. Comment on this post with your name and the words ‘I’m a Hero’.

  3. Tag 3 friends who you think would like to become Heros and get involved in this.

The minimum donation to enter the competition draw is 100 RON. Every 100 RON represents a token with your name on it. If you donate 500RON, you will have your name in the hat 5 times and have many more chances to win.

On the 10th of June, I will post live from my run, and at the end of it I will draw a winner.

Your donation will make a huge difference to the lives of teenagers and adults who suffer from mental health illnesses. With your donation SCUT is developing a project where teens from 3 colleges and 20 adults with schizophrenia get together during various activities, learn from each other and work towards combating mental health stigma. 

How to navigate the Romanian site:


1) Click on the link above and scroll down and click on the box DONEAZA PENTRU CAUZA

2) Where it says LAST NAME write the word ‘COMPETITION’ 

3) Where it says FIRST NAME write your FULL NAME

4) Fill in your telephone number and the amount you want to donate

5) Make sure where it says’ I want my donation to be public’ you click DA

6) I want to support the project: ‘Valoarea diversitatii. La un pas de schizofrenie’

7) I want to support the runner: ‘Ramona Pintea’

8) Choose the first option ‘online payment by credit card’ and it will take you to the payment page.

That’s it. EASY!

Your name is in the hat and you’ll see me on the 10th of June picking a winner. Good luck!

Either way, you are still a HERO!