Artwork For Your Home – Honour Your Soul October 31, 2018

Ramona Pintea stands with artwork for your home

Artwork for your home – honour your soul


Buying a piece of artwork for your home can be a big thing. There are all these questions to answer: What kind of artwork? Which colour scheme? Which artist? Does it go with the space?

Let me give you some advice, forget all that. Buy art because you love the piece. That is the only criteria. Art is not supposed to match the sofa, it’s supposed to reflect your personality. When you connect and display a piece of art it says more about you than all of the furniture put together.

The décor of your house will talk about your personality and your ego, the type of art you are attracted to tells the story of your soul.


Expressing the Soul through Artwork


Artists and collectors are joined by the common language of the soul expressed through art. Be it music, theatre, sculpture or paintings, art is channelled through the artist and it connects with you, the public, the viewer, the collector.

I believe meaningful art comes from another realm, and when it manifests in a physical form, its purpose is to touch our most inner being, to bring us closer to home, to help us question our own existence.

When you encounter a piece of art like that, take it home. The joy that it brings you every day is priceless. Seeing it changing form in different lights from sunshine to thunder, from dawn to dusk, it brings in different questions and it reveals more answers.

Never ask how did the artist do that, because the how is not important. Sometimes when I paint I don’t even know how I do it, it just happens.

I’m focused on the why.


Ask Why? Not How?


I want to express something to my audience. Sometimes I’m not even focused on the outcome of the paint and just let things happen on their own. So the question becomes why? Why is that colour there? What does it mean, how does it relate to me, to my experience of life? How does it make me feel when I look at it?

I once went to a museum and ended up spending 3 hours in front of one painting. It was one of Monet’s haystacks. I have seen many haystacks in reality spending summers as a child in my grandparents village. I even helped making the haystacks, working hard in the scorching sun. Yet, Monet’s painting was mesmerising.  The humble haystack was a sea of brushstrokes and colours that put me in a trance and took me to places out of this reality.

I’m thrilled to see that museums are full of visitors each day, people want to revel in the works of classic and contemporary art. We need to take time and forget about the daily chores, politics and crime. We need to honour our souls and art is a great way of doing that.

As you can imagine, my home is full of art. I possess paintings and sculptures all over the house that inspire me in my own work. I like different pieces of different styles that talk to me in various dialects of the soul. They bring me joy, peace and serenity. This is my wish for you too. Honour your soul with the art piece that you love.


Artwork for your Home


If that art piece you love happens to be one of mine, I am firstly very flattered, but I also encourage you to have a look around my website to see if it is still available for you. If you enjoyed reading this blog, then you might also enjoy reading my “Painting the Spirit Animal Series” post.

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