Art in your home November 28, 2017

As you can imagine, my house is full of art. However, in my living room I only have one work that I painted, everything else is art that I have bought. Someone was visiting me recently and as she was looking through the collection of paintings on my walls she asked me a question: ‘Why did you buy this painting? I’m sure you can do one just like that.’ I was shocked. I didn’t understand her question as she obviously didn’t understand the point of owning original art.

Art is not wallpaper. The purpose of art is not just to be pretty. Although aesthetic beauty has a role to play, art is there to move you, to bring out certain emotions. There are people who buy art only as a monetary investment. I view art as a soul investment.  I only buy art that makes me feel something, art I fall in love with, art that makes me ponder every time I look at it.

As an artist I know that every piece of original art carries a certain energy with it, the energy of the artist. Why do you think a fake or a print will never cost the same as the original? In the end the image is identical, but its spirit is missing.

Ramona Pintea Abstract Art

Ramona Pintea Abstract Art

Every painting carries its own energy and they are all different. They have been created at different times, when the artist had different views of the world, emotions and intentions.  Take these two paintings for example. They both suit the room and look nice, they are both painted by me. However, you can see how each painting has a different energy and creates a different atmosphere for the space. Some people will be attracted to one painting more that the other, and that it’s how it’s supposed to be.

Another person who visited me today was looking at my paintings and she made a different statement : ‘ I like it but I don’t know anything about art’ I noticed that same attitude with many people. It’s almost as if they are scared of making a mistake. I explained the concept of it and she couldn’t believe it. She never thought of buying art just for the joy it gives her.

Some people would happily spend $1500 on a pair of shoes because of the expected feelings of happiness. The same people will be scared of spending that money on a timeless piece of art that it’s displayed out to be enjoyed daily and can be left as a legacy to their children.

In the end it’s all a matter of perception.  

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