With me always August 15, 2017


With me always Oil on canvas

With me always, oil on canvas

No matter how successful you are, how big your house is, how well your business is doing, how fit and healthy you are, I am quite certain and aware that the ultimate feeling of happiness comes from being with your soulmate.

I never liked the phrase ‘my other half’ as  that makes me feel chopped in half. I understand the sentiment, that your other half is the half to your whole, but it never quite resonated with me. My other half is my other whole, your soulmate is your everything. Not only do they complete you but they are you. Breaking every math law, in the case of soulmates two wholes coming together do not make two, they make one complete one.

Why is it that we find our soulmates only when we are really whole, when we have a great sense of who we are and when we don’t feel like we need someone to make us happy ? The Irony is almost laughable, that in order to find ultimate happiness and the love of a soulmate we must first be in love and happy with ourselves.  

‘With me always’ is my tribute to him, to that special man who is your soul mate. You know he is there for you, to support and cherish you, to encourage you to be the best version of yourself, to let you shine your light. He has your back and you have his. He gives you space to spread your wings and fly high, knowing full well that you will fly back home at the end of every day to tell him how you have grown, how you have expanded your horizons and learned new things. And he is glad for you as he has done the same thing that day. And as you come together at night you strengthen the bond and the love grows and transforms and takes you to places you’ve never been before.

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