Tonic for Mondays June 15, 2020

It’s a fresh new week and after some much-needed active rest this Sunday, I am back and super excited. I find Sundays great for feeding the soul, seeking new inspiration and recharging for the coming week. Yesterday I really enjoyed walking in the gentle, warm summer rain, down beautifully quaint and unusually quiet streets. Charming traditional architecture from a hundred years ago serenely blending with divinely scented, blooming linden trees. A vivid reminder of worthy, enduring human creation and nature’s awesome, consistent renewal.

Back in the studio, it’s a bit of an artistically manic morning. We’re still in prelaunch mode, seven days before officially going live. Still working hard on final touches and still creating new work. The urban Queen 2.0 does however seem to have a mind of its own and attracting a lot of attention: three paintings already snapped up. The official launch isn’t till next Monday, June 22nd, but people connected with the message of the brave queens and decided to wait no more. Thank you to both existing and new collectors for your early interest and love of my art.

I actually started painting Urban Queen 2.0 in my mind even before I finished the first collection. Or perhaps it started painting itself in my head… The muse just kept cajoling, poking, teasingly nudging me to keep on going. I had so much to express, so much more to explore and share with you.

Your comments and suggestions kept coming in and I really enjoyed the highly interactive transition to the creation of the new collection. Women from all over the world connected with my art and with my message, telling me how inspiring and uplifted it made them feel. I literally had hundreds of meaningful messages and that deeply touched me.

It opened my eyes to the blessing that I was actually serving others in some (perhaps meaningful) way. That the art was helping make someone’s perspective on life a little better. That it was helping inspire someone to go within and discover that they can do it.

The Urban Queens are here to speak to caring mothers looking to raise confident, happy kids. To current or future entrepreneurs and business leaders striving to grow their venture. To health carers defiantly and heroically fighting for the lives of their patients, regardless of age, race, gender and social status. To women working hard in their jobs, overcoming uncertainty, adversity and sometimes prejudice. To the inner artists in all of us wanting to express our message and have our voices heard.

Here’s to all of us and to knowing that it’s never too late. Let’s keep showing up, stepping up and expressing the Queens that we are!


Artfully yours,